What’s your TAT?

For the Basic Package up to 15 days, for the Premium - up to 20, for the Platinum Package - up to 30 days.

Do I have to pay every month?

We provide a monthly service, but you can unsubscribe at any moment and the links will stay forever. Also, every month you get new links from unique domains.

Are your links dofollow or nofollow?

We have a natural mix of nofollow
and dofollow links (on average 50/50)

What if the link is deleted?

This is very common because we publish comments on strictly moderated platforms. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee! If your link is deleted - just tell us in the order ticket and our team will replace it.

Do you work with other languages?

Yes we can provide anchor links in any language, but the text will be in English.

Do you work with all niches?

Yes, we can provide links for almost every niche.

What’s your refund policy?

We do provide a refund on request if we
are not in TAT, but work will be stopped.

Can I buy 2-3 packages for a single site?

Yes, just choose the package you want and every month you'll get new links from new domains.

What if I want to place only a one-time order?

Subscribe for the monthly service, pay for the first month, then unsubscribe.

How many urls & keywords?

You can provide up to 5 URLs from the same domain & up to 5 keywords for each URL. By default, we use 10% anchors for the keywords you pro- vide, 20% for long tail keywords, and 70% for a naked URL and brand name (you can change it in the order form)

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