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Are there any prohibited niches?

We work with every niche, but there’s no 1-month warranty for Adult, Gambling and Pharmacy links.

Important! The final report for grey and white niches will differ in nofollow/dofollow ratio, as well as resources used. However, the ultimate link quantity will be the same

Can I provide multiple domains for a single order?

No. Each order is limited to a single domain.

Does it make sense to purchase multiple packages for a single website?

Not really. You don’t need to build too many foundational links.

Are those links risky?

Not at all. We follow white-hat procedures and do not rely on any software or automations. Thus, no risk of penalty.

What happens if some links disappear?

Not to worry, we offer a 1-month warranty for that. Let us know and we’ll replace them asap.

What is the turnaround time?

The TAT for every package is 30 days, and we’ll keep you posted by sending weekly reports.

Do you work with foreign-language websites?

We can take a foreign-language order, but the article that we post will be translated automatically, unless you provide us a translation.

In which cases can you grant a refund?

We can grant you a refund if we fail to deliver the work on time or if the quality of your order is distant from what we promised. In both cases the work will be stopped after the refund request has been approved.

How many of those links will get indexed?

From 70 to 100% of links will be indexed in a month after the report has been delivered to you.

Are those Dofollow or nofollow links?

We keep a healthy ratio of df/nf, but the majority will be dofollow (around 80%)

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card payments, PayPal and Bitcoin

Why does it say "from" in the pricing tab and what pricing tiers are available?

We offer 3 pricing tiers:

  • Minimal: passing the minimal threshold of unique content and profile description.

  • Regular: enough unique content an descriptions to ensure proper indexation.

  • Premium: every article and description is completely unique and readable. This is the safest and most effective plan.

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