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Can I submit my own content?

Yes you can! We can either agree with a copywriter to write the article for you or you can always submit your own. In this case you won't have to pay for copywriting services.

What's the TAT?

Most of the time it takes 7-10 days to write an article and publish a guest post, but it may take longer depending on the niche and specific requirements. It's important to mention, that website owners tend to reply late, which can slow down the process. Our maximum TAT is 30 days, and if the post is not published until then - you can ask for a refund and our work will be stopped.

In any case, our team will keep you posted and send you frequent and timely updates.

What happens if my guest posts gets deleted?

Normally, this never happens. But for your assurance -we offer a 1-year warranty. If for some reason your guest post is not there anymore - we will offer you a replacement for free. This replacement guarantee is valid for 1 year, starting from the day we sent you the report.

Will Google index my guest post?

Yes, with a 100% certainty! We only work with high-traffic and high-DA websites, so getting your blog post indexed takes a few days at most.

Is your guest post service white hat?

Yes, it is. We communicate with website owners, who will place your post on a high-authority website with impressive traffic and real human audience. No PBNs, shady schemes or automations are involved in the process.

Do you work with every niche?

We can agree on a placement in any possible niche. HOWEVER, the number of webmasters willing to accept "debatable" niches (such as pharmaceutical industry or gambling) is limited. Meaning, that we can still work it out, but it may take longer or be more expensive.

Can I see the content, written by your copywriter before publishing it?

For sure. If you've requested the copywriter to write an article for you - we can send it to you and wait for your confirmation before proceeding.

Do you own the websites that you use for guest posting?

No, all websites belong to independent webmasters, with whom we agree on guest posts placements.

How long does it take to boost my Google rankings with guest post links?

There is no precise answer. We've seen some impressive improvements in just one month, whereas in some cases the noticeable SERP changes start to occur in a couple of months. It depends on a lot of factors, such as competitiveness of your keywords, your niche, your current website metrics and the content that you publish. Nevertheless, guest posting one of the most effective link building strategy, just don't rely on it completely to fuel your website's SEO.

How many guest post links should I order?

That depends on your requirements. If you have a fresh website and hard keywords - this will probably take a lot of work to climb to the top of Google, whereas established websites can go with fewer links.

Are those links dofollow?

In 98% of the cases, the links are dofollow. But if it happens that we can only request a nofollow backlink from a certain domain - we will notify you beforehand.

What payment methods do you offer?

Currently we only accept payments via PayPal.

Is there a fixed price for your service?

Yes, our pricing is fixed. You can check it out by requesting a price-list.

Our service fee never exceeds 50% of the price, demanded by the site owner. For example: if the site owner asks for $40, our fee will be $20 at most.

Please note, that while pricing from our side is fixed, website owners tend to change their fees with time, so the total cost is a subject to change.

What's your refund policy?

As mentioned, if we don't deliver the work in 30 days, you will get a refund for our service and you will not pay any fee to the website owner. However, if you've ordered an article from us - it remains yours and the fee paid for writing an article will not be refunded.

Do you provide a report?

Of course! After our work is finished, we will provide a report with all the details that you need (posting date, website metrics, estimated monthly traffic).

Can I see the domains that you intend use for publishing my guest post?

Yes, you can request a domain list to see some sample domains. After you a few, we will then give you the exact domains that we will use for posting your article.