Crowdo - where full-stack SEO
meets full scale excellence

Crowdo, founded in 2017 by Stanislav Lisunov, has become the leader in the SEO industry, offering fully-managed SEO services.

With our innovative approach and a wide suite of SEO & marketing services, we've achieved remarkable success and earned the trust of thousands of clients.

Meet the team

Meet some of our teammates

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Stas Lisunov

Stan is an entrepreneur and SEO specialist with 15 years of experience. He is responsible for the development and execution of macro-level strategy, as well as sharing knowledge & setting the direction for the whole team.

Andrei Gutu

Andrew is the co-founder of Crowdo and has a background in SEO. He is responsible for the long-term planning, resource allocation and ensuring the operation excellence within the company.

Kyrill Naumov

SEO Lead
Kyrill is an experienced & dedicated SEO specialist. He deals with various aspects of digital presence optimization and improves the efficiency of organic search for websites of our clients.
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Igor Turcan

Sales Lead
Igor coordinates the sales and customer support departments at Crowdo, making sure all orders are accurately delivered. One of his main duties is to assist our customers at the initial stages and throughout their projects.
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Caracas Axenia

Sales Manager
Axenia’s key responsibility is to support the company's strategy, ensuring the achievement of the company's sales goals by correctly identifying how the company can meet customer requirements.
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Suad Krkusic

Client Project Manager
Suad is managing several large SEO projects within the company. He assesses the project's progress, identifies issues and risks, and adjusts the work plan as necessary to achieve all set goals.
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Alexander Negine

Technical Project Manager
Alexander’s main activities are related to managing technical projects: planning, organizing, and controlling the execution of technical projects from conception to completion.
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Marius Gutu

Client Project Manager
Marius coordinates the project execution within several departments. He is involved in the efficient allocation of resources, including staff, time, and budget, to ensure that the company’s KPIs are met.
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Timur Komlenok

Data Specialist
Timur is responsible for all things concerning data management. His activities include data entry, maintenance, as well as optimizing the use of the database systems within the company’s tech stack.
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Nataly Shevchenko

Nataly is a team lead of the editorial department. She is responsible for ensuring the impeccable quality of the content we deliver. Her work spans multiple departments, including Content, Marketing, SEO, and more.
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Natalia Ceban

HR Manager
Natalia coordinates and implements various HR initiatives to support our employees so that we can continue to provide high-quality services that contribute to strengthening the Crowdo brand.

Our values

Commitment to Excellence

We aim for the stars in everything we do - Crowdo is all about finding new, better ways to boost your online presence.

Innovation & Adaptability

SEO changes fast, and we go hand in hand with changes. We work together, stay flexible, and have fun along the way.

Partnership & Growth

Our clients are our partners. We listen, we care, and we tailor our work to fit your needs.