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Your hunt for an SEO agency that does it all ends today. Our audit
covers on-page, off-page and technical SEO.

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Our Work Process

We'll have a chat to discuss project goals, expectations, and milestones to be on the same page.
Niche analysis
We'll examine how your competitors reached SEO success and estimate the scope of work and budget needed to outrank them.
Link building strategy
We'll analyze your backlink profile and suggest steps for improvement.
On-page SEO
We'll perform keyword research and propose a long-term content strategy tailored to your brand.
Technical audit
We'll check whether your website has any technical or UX issues and help you fix them.
To infinity and beyond
We'll work together to make our plan come to life and take your rankings to the moon.

Take a look at what we can deliver

Experience proven by successful cases

4X Increase in organic traffic
156% Increase in ranked keywords osDORO
Coworking spaces
“Crowdo has been great. I grew 0 to 1000+ monthly traffic and now rank #1 for some of the keywords in my niche. The support team has been responsive to my requests and questions. Overall the experience has been positive and I can totally recommend working with guys from Crowdo.”
Arthur Truong SEO Manager at
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Content & On-page Plan

Content is the backbone of your SEO success,
so let’s get it right on our first try.

Our niche analysis will reveal all the hacks your competitors use to get consistent organic traffic

Our content plan will serve as a blueprint for outranking your competition

All of it will be backed up by vigorous keyword research, so you know exactly what to focus on

Take a look at what we can deliver

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Complete SEO strategy with quantifiable KPIs

Expertise in on-page, off-page, and techical SEO

Well-carried niche research and competitor analysis

Fast support via a medium of your choice

Typical SEO Agency

Vague statements and unrealistic promises

Usually, a single specialization

Generic tips from Ahrefs report

Support by email with
slow response times


Guesswork and no
concrete SEO strategy

Limited experience of an
in-house team

Lack of time to carry an insightful research

You’ll have to perform endless googling

Simple & transparent pricing

We're not making any money from selling you an SEO strategy - our revenue comes from client retention.

We're confident that you'll want to continue our cooperation - so we're not here to lock you into a contract to make a quick profit.

Custom seo strategy
Technical SEO audit Website structure & UI review Custom backlink strategy Competitor & niche analysis On-page SEO review Plan of action, incl. budgetting
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What payment methods do you accept?
We currently accept credit card payments, PayPal, and Bitcoin.
What does your refund policy look like?
If we fail to deliver the project on time - you can request a full refund, but the work will be stopped.
Can I provide multiple pages or websites for an SEO review?
We’ll review your key website pages (as many as necessary); however, each audit is limited to a single domain.

Thus, if you want us to review multiple websites - you have to make a separate order for each of them.
How does reporting work?
When the project is finished - we’ll send you a detailed report.

If you prefer - we can schedule a consultation/ review call in between, it’s completely free.
Can I order an audit for my clients?
Absolutely, and we can provide you with a white-label report on request that you can later present to your clients.
What happens after the audit is done?
Our audit service is aimed at guiding you on how to improve your SEO performance, and the follow-up options are completely up to you.

Prefer us to take over your SEO campaign? We’ll gladly do so! We can take over your SEO campaign, help with link building and content creation, and provide developer support for technical issues.

Prefer to proceed on your own? That’s fine with us - you will have a detailed SEO roadmap that you can follow.
What kind of data do you need to perform the audit?
To ensure that we have reliable data, we’d need access to your:
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Other analytics tools in your tech stack (optional)
Note: we don’t need your credentials, so you can simply share access with one of our managers via email. We won’t store or share any of your data, and you can revoke data access at any time.

Note 2: it’s not mandatory to provide us with access to the tools mentioned above, but it can make a significant difference in our ability to give data-backed advice.
Do you provide any guarantees that I will get to the top of Google?
So far, clients who implemented advice presented in our audit have seen a significant increase in website traffic and rankings.

Yet, we can’t give any specific predictions without examining your website, niche, and competition first.

FYI: your rankings are subject to a lot of factors beyond our control. If you see services/ agencies that “guarantee” a specific outcome upfront, it’s either a sales pitch or a scam.
Does it make sense to order an audit for a completely new website?
Sure, we work with both old and new websites.

If you have a new website - we’ll advise you on how to get started and things you need to focus on to get your website ranking in search engines.