How to Write an About Us Page for SEO

Does an About Us page matter for your business and SEO? Think of it as your business’s heart and soul, wrapped up in words and images, ready to make a connection. An About Us page is where trust begins and relationships blossom. It’s not just about who you are – it’s about why you matter.

Why is About Us Page Important for Business and SEO?

Why is an About Us page a big deal? Well, it builds trust. People don’t just buy products – they buy stories, authenticity, the whole shebang. When they land on this page, they’re peeking behind the curtain, looking to connect with you. It’s like saying, “This is us, and here’s why you’ll love what we do.”

There’s an SEO angle, too.

About Us page for a website isn’t just about warm, fuzzy feelings. It’s about cold, hard algorithms.

Search engines love juicy, original content, and your About Us page is prime real estate for that. Keywords, storytelling, all that jazz – it’s SEO gold. Think of it as a cozy little corner where SEO and human interest curl up together.

Besides, an About Us page is the perfect spot for internal linking, guiding visitors to other parts of your site. More traffic, more engagement – it’s a win-win. Plus, when other sites link to your About Us page, it’s like a high-five from the internet, boosting your site’s credibility.

The Key Elements for About Us Page

How to write an About Us page? Let’s break down the essentials, the must-haves for a well-written About Us page. As a bonus, we’ve prepared the best About Us page examples for you.

Mission and Vision Statement

Your mission statement should be a beacon, shining bright with your core purpose. And your vision is the dream you’re inviting your customers to dream with you. It’s about crafting a message that resonates, that makes people feel part of something bigger.

Take a peek at Iya Foods. Their mission? It’s all about bringing wholesome African foods to every table. They’re not just selling products – they’re weaving a narrative of health, heritage, and culinary adventure. And their vision is about creating a world where African foods are as common as Italian or Chinese cuisine in global kitchens. See the ambition there?

Then there’s Wild Fork Foods. Their story’s a different flavor. Their mission is to revolutionize the way you shop for meat. How? By ensuring quality and convenience. Their vision is a world where the best meats are accessible to everyone every day. It’s bold, clear, and makes you nod, thinking, “Yeah, I want in on that.”

Share Values

Values are the heartbeat of your brand and the rhythm that your customers vibe to. It’s all about what you stand for, and let us tell you, people can feel that energy. Make it real, make it yours. Let your values shine in every word, showing customers why you’re not just another brand.

Take Chubbies Shorts, for instance. Their About Us page isn’t a snooze fest of corporate speak – it’s a splash of fun showcasing their commitment to the weekend lifestyle. They’re all about relaxation, enjoyment, and breaking the mold. Their values aren’t just written – they’re lived in every product they offer.

Then, we’ve got Lonely Planet. Their values? They’re the globe-trotting, adventure-seeking spirit we all wish we had more of in our lives. They’re about sustainable travel, respecting cultures, and bringing the world closer together. It’s a manifesto for curious, respectful globe-trotting.

Your Story – Be Transparent

Your story is your brand’s fingerprint – utterly unique. It’s what, why, and how you do it. When you craft your story, throw open the doors. Be honest, be humble, and be real. People connect with people, not faceless brands. So, tell your tale, warts and all, and watch as your audience leans in to listen.

WP Standard nails this. Their story isn’t just about high-quality leather goods – it’s a journey of passion, craftsmanship, and a relentless pursuit of quality. They share their ups and downs, making their narrative relatable and real.

Gummi Sig gets personal, too. They’re not hiding behind corporate jargon. They’re telling you about their journey, their inspirations. It’s like sitting down for coffee with the founder, hearing about the trials and triumphs firsthand.

And Nowness? They take you on a visual and narrative journey that’s almost poetic. Their story is about pushing boundaries, celebrating art and culture, and creating something that’s more than just content – it’s an experience.

Mentions, Testimonials, Awards, Certificates, Social Proofs

Don’t be shy in your own space. Flaunt those mentions, those glowing reviews, the awards. It’s social proof, the crowd cheering for you, and it tells potential customers, “Hey, these folks are the real deal.”

PageGroup has a trophy case that sparkles. Awards upon awards, each one a testament to their excellence and innovation. It’s not bragging, it’s proof. Proof that they’re good at what they do, and they’ve got the hardware to show for it.

Healthgrades takes a slightly different route. They lean into testimonials, letting their satisfied patients do the talking. It’s like having a chorus of voices, each singing praises, which builds trust and credibility like nothing else.

Then there’s Funeral Funds. They mix it up with certifications and endorsements, showing they’re not just compassionate. They’re qualified. It’s reassurance, a comforting hand on the shoulder saying, “We’re here for you, and we know our stuff.”

Concrete Numbers

Numbers are the hard facts amidst the fluff. They ground your story in reality, giving it weight and substance. Whether it’s years in business, customers served, or projects completed, these aren’t just digits – they’re proof of your journey, your impact, and your success.

Take a look at 6tematik. They let the numbers do the talking. Number of projects completed, client satisfaction rates, years in business. It’s not just impressive – it’s solid, tangible proof of their prowess.

Girlboss turns it up a notch. They’re all about showcasing their reach, influence, and community size. It’s like saying, “Look at our kingdom, vast and thriving.” It’s compelling, making you think once again, “I want in on that.”

Anton & Irene add a creative twist. They highlight their unique projects and their global clients, injecting personality into their statistics. It’s a narrative told in digits.

Recharge Payments focuses on their impact, the volume of transactions they handle, and their user base. It’s a power move, showcasing their scale and capability.

Your Team

Your team page is a chance to break the fourth wall, to say, “Look, we’re more than a logo. We’re a group of dedicated, quirky, skilled individuals.” It humanizes your brand and makes it approachable. Let your team shine, and allow their personalities to be a part of your brand’s narrative.

Look at Mixd, for example. Their team page is a gallery of who’s who, giving you a sneak peek into the brains behind the brand. It’s personal, it’s relatable – it’s like meeting someone at a party and thinking, “Hey, I’d love to work with them!”

And Chattanooga Renaissance Fund? They take it a step further. It’s not just names and faces – it’s stories, experiences, the journeys that brought them there. It adds depth and a sense of connection. You’re not just looking at professionals. You’re getting to know people with passions, dreams, and skills.

Visuals – Photos or Videos

Your About Us page needs a visual punch. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? But in this case, it’s worth a thousand connections. Whether it’s candid shots, professional portraits, or immersive videos, let your visuals speak volumes about your brand.

Take Made by Band. Their About Us page is a visual feast. Photos, videos, snapshots of creativity in action. It’s not just telling you what they do – it’s showing you, immersing you in their world of creativity. It’s engaging, it’s dynamic – it draws you in.

Nowness, once again. Their visuals are storytelling at its finest. Each video frame is a piece of art, telling the story of their brand, their ethos, and their vibe. It’s captivating, almost like walking through a digital gallery.

CTA (Call to Action)

Your CTA should be magnetic. It’s the climax of your story, the “what’s next?” It should resonate, inspire, and provoke action. Whether it’s to learn more, get in touch, or join a cause, make your CTA a beacon, guiding your audience to the next step of their journey with you.

Lonely Planet nails it. Their CTA is an invitation to explore and join a community of travelers. It’s compelling, almost irresistible, like a friend tugging at your sleeve saying, “Come on, let’s go on an adventure.”

Amnesty International takes a different approach. Their CTA is a call to conscience, a nudge to take a stand, to be part of something bigger. It’s powerful, it’s emotional – it’s a rallying cry.

Purple Rock Scissors gets creative. Their CTA is a blend of invitation and challenge, beckoning you to collaborate and create something amazing together. It’s engaging, and it’s a handshake and a “what if” all rolled into one.

Optimizing an About Us Page for SEO

You’ve got some good ideas for an About Us page. But even the best About Us pages are worthless if no one sees them. Search engine optimization for your About Us page is what makes it just perfect. It’s about speaking the search engine’s language while keeping it cool and human for your visitors.


Keywords are your SEO bread and butter. Imagine them as secret handshakes that tell search engines, “Hey, we’re right here!” But it’s a fine art – you can’t just stuff keywords like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Think strategic. What words resonate with your brand? For example, if you’re a bakery, “artisan breads” or “homemade cakes” might be your jam. It’s about finding the sweet spot between common search terms and what makes your brand unique.

But remember, it’s a conversation, not a robot monologue. Use keywords naturally. If it reads like a human wouldn’t say it, scrap it. Balance is key – make those keywords flow in your story, not stick out like a sore thumb.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are like the secret codes in a spy movie. They’re behind the scenes, but oh boy, do they pack a punch. It’s where you get crafty with your descriptions and titles – the stuff that shows up in search results.

Your page title for SEO? Make it catchy, and make it relevant. It’s like the headline of a newspaper – drawing people in. And your meta description? That’s your elevator pitch. In just a few words, you’ve got to say, “This is who we are, and here’s why you should care.”

Be clever, be clear, and sprinkle in some keywords while you’re at it. But keep it natural – no keyword stuffing here. It’s about giving search engines and potential visitors a tasty appetizer of what’s on your page.

Internal Links

Internal links are your website’s internal GPS system. They guide visitors from your About Us page to other nooks and crannies of your site. Think of them as inviting pathways leading guests around your digital home.

Say you mention a product or a service on your About Us page. Link it! It’s like saying, “Psst, there’s more cool stuff this way.” It keeps visitors engaged, exploring more of what you offer.

Plus, it’s great for SEO. It ties different parts of your site together, making it straightforward for search engines to quickly crawl and understand your site’s structure. It’s all about creating a smooth, interconnected web that both Google and your visitors love to navigate.

Schema Markup

Last up, schema markup – the tech wizardry of SEO. It’s like giving Google a pair of X-ray glasses to see exactly what your page is about.

This is where you get technical. Schema markup is a type of code that allows search engines to understand your About Us page content better. You’re basically saying, “This is our team,” “This is our contact info,” “This is our founding date.”

It might sound daunting, but it’s worth it. With schema, your About Us page isn’t just another page – it’s a well-labeled map of information. Search engines love that clarity, and it boosts your chances of landing in those coveted rich snippets.


So, how to write About Us for a website? Crafting an About Us page is like painting a self-portrait of your brand. It’s where your story, values, team, and all that SEO savvy come together to create a digital masterpiece. So keep it authentic, make it engaging, and don’t forget to sprinkle a little SEO magic on top.

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