What Makes Links From Crowdo so Effective?

If you are here, chances are you are searching for ways to build up your online presence. The worst feeling is when you go on Google and try to search for your website… and it’s just not there.

Technically, Google recognizes it, but as we know, if your website doesn’t appear on the first 3 pages of Google search based on your target query – then, sadly, most people will never stumble upon it!

Furthermore, 95% of web traffic comes from the first page of Google search, so if your website is not there – you’re still missing out a lot of potential visitors! That does seem sad, but there is a way to fix everything.

Climbing To the Top of Google

You’ve probably heard tons of things about SEO and how it is important for your website. If that’s the case, you’re on the right track!

Whether you’re a business owner or just want to promote your personal project – SEO is king, and if done right, you will get consistent high rankings on Google, which will bring you lots of organic traffic.

The question is.. Where do you start? SEO is a science in its own, filled with a number of ambiguous terms, like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO and so on.

Today we’re gonna leave that technical mumbo-jumbo and focus on what’s important.

Goes without saying that you need to optimize your website by choosing the right keywords and structuring web-pages in a proper way. And here comes the hard truth – that’s not enough!

A guy is overwhelmed by SEO and link building activities necessary to succeed in 2021.

Why is Link Building Important Even in 2024?

A lot of SEO enthusiasts have come to realize that they have a solid web-page with high-quality content, but it’s still not showing up on Google!

The reason for that is very simple – they did not work on link-building as a part of their SEO strategy.

There are numerous things that Google takes into account when deciding how high to rank a certain web-page.

But for the purpose of keeping things simple, let’s make a real-life example. Say you wrote an article about something you care about, but needless only you’re not the only person who ever wrote about that subject. 

As a matter of fact, there are probably thousands (if not millions) pieces of content out there on the Internet, that discuss the exact same thing! 
So, assume your piece of content is amazing, but so is the content of your competitors.

How does Google determine which article to show first?

One of the most prominent reasons is link-building. If your website has lots of backlinks, it signals to Google that you’re a highly reliable source, and thus your content will show up first.

Illustration where a character builds backlinks

Not All Backlinks Are Created Equal…

Ugh.. if only things were that simple, but there’s another thing you must be aware of – not all backlinks are created equal!

Think about it, Google not only considers the amount of backlinks pointing to your website, but also their quality!

Some common metrics that are used to judge the quality of the backlink are Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF).

So, if your backlinks come from unreliable and spammy websites – Google will not praise your website for that. 

There are numerous ways to acquire backlinks to your website – writing high-quality blog posts that people will reference (or writing for someone else, which is guest-blogging), doing some kind of online PR campaign among others.

No matter how rewarding it is on the long-term, it is extremely time-consuming. We don’t have a lifetime to spare, we want results here and now! Luckily, there is a way to speed up the process.

Crowdo is a trusted link-building service, and we strive to provide great value for money. At Crowdo you can purchase backlinks from high-authority websites, relevant to your specific niche.

Crowdo Links will strengthen and diversify your backlink profile without any penalty risks! Woops, that was a spoiler to our next paragraph.

Crowd Marketing Links vs PBN: What Works Better?

You’ve probably heard about PBNs (or Private Blog Networks). They have been around for a while, and acquiring backlinks on those networks is one of the common Black Hat SEO techniques.

Heck, even the best of us like Brian Dean (a renowned SEO expert) are pressured to take shortcuts at a certain point in their career.

The catch is – Google hates PBN! They are doing whatever it takes to block those resources, and if that’s the case – well, your backlinks just became worthless.

If you’re familiar with the subject, you probably heard mixed opinions about PBNs and how effective they are, but there is one thing that everyone seems to agree on – it’s risky.

While it may be beneficial for you in the short run, you will have to bear the risk, that one day your investment will vanish and you will get heavily penalized by Google.

Not only that, but more often that not, when you go for a cheap link-building service – your links are placed on random websites, most likely surrounded with tons of spam. That’s not what Google likes.
Crowd Marketing, on the other hand, is not a black hat technique.

In other words, it won’t get you penalized if you do it right. Furthermore, crowdo links are placed on forums and communities that are actually populated by real users.

Meaning, that not only metrics are high, but there is some real traffic going on and more often than not you can expect an increase in sales.

A table that shows a direct comparison between crowd marketing and PBN, describing pros and cons of each.

What’s so Special About Crowdo?

At Crowdo we prioritize quality. We choose highly-moderated and relevant  forums with REAL people, where the link to your website will be perfectly appropriate!

An image describes how crowdo links work. More referring domains lead to increased traffic which leads to higher rankings which leads to more sales.

Oh yes, that’s the best part – there will always be a contextual comment, provided along with the backlink!

What a lot of people do is just throwing a bare link everywhere on the web, and as a result their effort is treated as spam, and not only those links get instantly removed from forums where they’ve been placed, but also..

Google never sleeps – your website will likely get penalized for that. Furthermore, context plays a big role, and nowadays Google is smart enough to detect if a link does not belong to the context.

Luckily for us, we have a brilliant track-record and lots of happy customers. Unlike PBN, our service does not fall into the realm of Black Hat SEO, and thus you can be assured that your rankings won’t just fall apart all of a sudden.

Let’s recap what you will  get from working with Crowdo, and why you should go for quality over cheapness: 

  • You don’t face any risk. No Penalty from Google means no problem.
  • Your links are always placed in a relevant context, where they feel natural, both for Google and for users.
  • Crowdo provides a 1-year warranty, so if for some reason your link disappears or gets deleted – just hit us up and we’ll get it fixed!
  • Each website that we use has 350 thousand visitors on average. Remember, posting your link on websites that are no longer popular or relevant will not get you too far.
  • We stimulate a fictitious discussion around your post to make it look natural.
  • The links from Crowdo have a natural mix of nofollow and dofollow links with a ratio of 50/50. Google tends to be suspicious if all of your links are dofollow, whereas having only only nofollow links will not directly improve your SEO score.

Experiences From Our Clients

Just skim through our cases and you will find that our clients have tremendous returns after opting in to use our service.

Some examples of those returns:

  • Higher keyword ranking – our clients have seen up to 4X increase in number of search terms that they rank for. If the keyword was somewhere in top 50, expect it to be in top 20.
  • Increased organic traffic – some clients report up to 600% increase in traffic due to higher position in Google Search
  • Referral traffic – communities that we target will have a lot of people potentially interested in your product. This way you can also generate some referral traffic, potential leads or even customers.
  • Increased brand awareness – social buzz around your brand shouldn’t be underestimated. Even if you don’t get any direct sales, people will recall your brand name in the future.

What Should Be Your Next Step?

If you’re still not convinced, why Crowdo is a perfect link-building service for you and your business, you have a chance to try it for free! We run a 7-day free trial, where you get 2 links from us at absolutely no cost! Take this opportunity and see for yourself!


Does Crowdo automate any procedures (auto content, automatic link placement?

No, we don’t! Our work is entirely manual and involves no automations of any kind.

Are Crowdo links considered white hat or black hat?

We position ourselves as a white hat service.

Is Crowdo a reputable service?

For sure! We had over 5000 clients so far, and the overwhelming majority of those had a positive experience us.

You are welcome to check our Facebook, Trustpilot or BHW reviews.

Will my site get penalized if I use Crowdo Links?

So far we haven’t even had a single case of a website getting penalized because of Crowdo Links.

Are Crowdo Links useful for long-term SEO gains?

Absolutely. We are long-term oriented, and as long as Google exists, our links will strengthen your backlink profile

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