Case Study: +260% More Users via Organic Search

Our client is a prominent financial blog who contacted us, understanding that a robust online presence is no longer a luxury but a necessity for ambitious businesses. They requested a Full StackSEO service from Crowdo to elevate their search engine visibility and organic traffic. This case study outlines the multifaceted SEO strategy we employed, the challenges we encountered, and the impressive outcomes our client and us achieved after months of hard work.

Our Roadmap

The client’s collaboration with Crowdo started in March 2023 with a clear overarching goal – to amplify the blog’s search visibility and organic traffic, with a particular emphasis on the categories generating the most revenue for the company.

Technical Audit

Every successful SEO strategy begins with understanding the current state of the website. Crowdo initiated a meticulous technical audit to identify the myriad of challenges that were impeding the site’s optimal performance and visibility in search engines:

  1. 404 Errors: Multiple pages on the client’s site were returning a 404 status. While seemingly innocuous, such errors can have a negative long-term effect. They not only obstruct efficient site indexing but also tarnish the user experience, leading to heightened bounce rates and diminished user engagement.
  2. Image Optimization Woes: The site was riddled with unoptimized images. Proper image optimization leads to swift page load times, a critical ranking factor in search engine algorithms. Images that aren’t optimized can drastically decelerate a website, leading to a subpar user experience, time on site, and potential ranking liabilities.
  3. Technical Pages Open to Indexing: Several technical pages, which ideally should be shielded from indexing, appeared among the search results. This oversight can unnecessarily consume search bot resources, potentially overshadowing the primary pages that truly matter.
  4. Structured data Issues: The audit spotlighted issues with structured data, or Schema markup. The markup is instrumental in helping search engines understand the page content more effectively, leading to enhanced listings in search results.
  5. Meta Tag Optimization Gaps: Meta tags, the snippets of text that describe a page’s content, were unoptimized. These are vital for improving content visibility in search engines and drawing in the target audience.
  6. Header Discrepancies: The site exhibited issues with its H1-H6 headers, which play a great role in determining page relevance and its eventual ranking in search results.

Preparing a Tailored Strategy

Armed with insights from the audit, Crowdo developed a customized strategy and insightful recommendations for our client:

  1. Technical Rectifications: Addressing the technical challenges was the foremost priority. This involved rectifying the 404 errors, optimizing images, closing technical pages from indexing, fixing structured data issues, optimizing meta tags, and streamlining the header structure.
  2. Content Expansion: Recognizing the power of content in SEO, Crowdo launched a content optimization effort, which included curating a list of high-frequency keywords and popular blog topics. The aim was to make sure the content not only resonated with the target audience but was also in sync with search engine algorithms.
  3. Backlink Profile Improvement: External links pointing to a website play a significant role in its search engine ranking. Crowdo’s strategy included “detoxifying” the site of any harmful links and simultaneously building new, high-quality backlinks. This dual approach was designed to enhance the client’s credibility and authority in the eyes of search engines.

In parallel with these efforts, Crowdo also launched a concentrated link-building strategy. This involved identifying key external resources related to the client’s industry and niche and using our in-house experts to work on building quality backlinks. The objective was clear – to fortify the site’s link profile and boost its overall search engine ranking.

Monitoring, Reporting, and Iteration

Transparency, feedback, and continuous improvement are hallmarks of any successful partnership. Throughout the SEO process, Crowdo kept the client in the loop, sharing regular progress reports on the milestones achieved and the subsequent steps needed for improvement on all fronts.


  • Organic Traffic Surge: Data from Ahrefs painted a picture of great organic traffic increase, which stood at 24,337 in February and catapulted to 63,035 by July. This marked a staggering 259% increase.
organic traffic
  • Keyword Expansion: The number of organic keywords that the client’s site ranked for saw a meteoric rise. From a base of 27,380, the number rose to 93,692, translating to a 342% increase. This expansion indicated a significant broadening in semantics and a more extensive reach of the target audience. 
organic keywords raise

The keywords that ranked in the top 10 positions grew from 2,141 to 5,739 (a 261% increase). Even more impressively, those in the top 3 positions skyrocketed from 126 to 737, marking a whopping 585% growth.

top-10 keywords

Key pages growth dynamics:

  • Backlink Boost: The backlink strategy implemented by Crowdo yielded a steady and organic increase in the number of backlinks pointing to our client’s site. As you can see below, the growth trajectory was natural, without any artificial spikes, highlighting our emphasis on quality over quantity.
referring domains

Final Words

This collaboration brought results that were not just about the numbers – they continue to be about building a sustainable and robust online presence. As the partnership continues, Crowdo remains committed to monitoring backlinks evolution, providing the client with regular updates on progress, and fine-tuning the strategy to keep the growth trajectory upward. In a time when visibility is equivalent to success, such collaborations emphasize the essential role of SEO in achieving the objectives of any established or up-and-coming business.

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