SEO Case Study: Doubling Organic Traffic and Global Expansion

Our client is a service that offers temporary phone numbers for verification purposes all over the world. They approached Crowdo for a thorough SEO audit and link-building package so they could reach as many people as possible without sacrificing their budget on marketing efforts. A year after some initial progress, the company called upon Crowdo yet again, this time asking for a targeted SEO Strategy with the goal of outmaneuvering competitors and capitalizing on growth opportunities, especially in the European Union, to diversify their traffic beyond the United States.

Initial Engagement and Strategy

In December 2022, Crowdo drafted a custom-made SEO Strategy for our client, free temporary phone numbers service. By January 2023, the client had begun website optimizations based on our recommendations, and Crowdo started to work on an intensive link-building campaign.

Technical Audit and Optimization

Our first step was a detailed technical audit that helped us find several issues that affected the site’s indexing and search visibility. We’ve compiled these issues and came up with fixes for all of them:

1. Meta Title and Description Issues

Titles and descriptions lacked impact and clarity, weakening the site’s message to search algorithms and potential visitors. Crowdo offered up some concise meta tags to improve relevance and click-through rates, making it easier for both visitors and search engines to “understand” what our client’s website was about.

2. 404 Page Issues

404 error pages were incorrectly returning ‘200 OK’ status codes, leading to search engines being confused and causing a less-than-ideal user experience. The team at Crowdo recommended proper 404 error handling to streamline user navigation and improve the “crawl” efficiency of search engines, as well as fixing the many broken internal links on the site.

3. Missing Canonicals

These missing links led to content duplication. By inserting canonical tags, Crowdo directed search engines to the original content, thus centralizing the SEO strength of similar or duplicated pages.

4. Slow Page Loading Speed

Load times were improved by optimizing image sizes, making better use of browser caching, and minifying CSS and JavaScript. These measures improved the user experience and search engine rankings, which rely heavily on site speed.

Link-Building Campaign

While part of our team was focused on these technical fixes, Crowdo’s link-building experts researched and targeted the most relevant platforms and directories based on our client’s industry and competitors. They then started working on a strategy that included crafting original and insightful guest posts, engaging in community discussions, and negotiating listings on authoritative sites. Each backlink served as a vote of confidence that promoted our client’s domain authority, meaning users would get easier access to the services they needed, and search engines were better at spotting our client for relevant searches.

Monitoring and Reporting

Throughout the entire process, we gave our client a transparent view of our progress through detailed reports, asking for feedback and keeping them in the loop at every step. These reports included traffic analysis, ranking updates, and backlink acquisition progress so that our client was always informed and involved in the evolution of our strategy – including both obstacles and solutions.


1. Organic Traffic Growth

The client saw an impressive 260% increase in organic traffic, rising from 114,428 in December 2022 to 412,795 by November 2023, as per Ahrefs data.

2. Geographic Diversification

There was also a significant traffic influx from India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and Germany, meaning our goal of diversification beyond the US market was achieved.

3. Organic Keywords Expansion

The number of organic keywords for which the site ranked shot up by 99% from 5,767 to 11,522, meaning we managed to reach a much wider target audience.

4. Highly Competitive Keywords

Our client’s website started to rank for competitive keywords like “phone number generator” and “SMS verification,” making it easier for potential clients to find this service, thus proving the effectiveness of the SEO Strategy.

5. Backlink Profile Improvements

A steady increase in backlinks is probably the best testament to our continued link-building efforts, which contributed to higher search engine rankings and improved overall visibility.

Final Words

Far from being over, Crowdo’s work and commitment to the client continues with regular progress reports and strategic optimizations, as these are key for sustained growth and continued market dominance. Through a combination of technical fixes, strategic link-building, constant performance monitoring, and tweaking our strategy when necessary, we’ve managed to nearly double our client’s organic traffic and expand its market reach to countries all over the world, as is natural with a company in this industry. The way we see it, this ongoing partnership serves as a blueprint for companies seeking to boost their digital presence and perform well in a highly competitive online market, and we’re always ready to take up new clients, regardless of industry and their “size” relative to competitors.

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