Free SEO Tools to Skyrocket Your Site’s Traffic and Rankings

SEO tools handle everything from scouting out the right keywords – the golden nuggets hidden beneath layers – to scrutinizing your site, making sure it’s shipshape and Bristol fashion.

But wait, that’s not all. They’re not just about finding keywords or checking if your site looks good. These website SEO tools give you the x-ray vision to see how your content stands against competitors. They’re like those cool gadgets in spy movies – always one step ahead, giving you the scoop on what’s hot and what’s not.

So, why use SEO tools? Unless you fancy a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey with your content, you really can’t afford not to, especially given that all the SEO tools we’re sharing with you are 100% free.

Free SEO Tools for Keyword Research


Diving into AlsoAsked is like uncovering the layers of an onion, but, you know, without the tears. This SEO tool maps out what folks ask online – think of a tree with branches of questions stemming from a single seed query. It’s visual, vivid, and valuable. You type in a topic, and bam! You’re staring at a constellation of questions people actually ask. Why’s it cool? It’s like reading your audience’s mind, giving you a direct line to what they’re curious about.

Ahrefs Keyword Generator

Feed Ahrefs Keyword Generator a word or two, and watch as this free SEO tool pulls out a treasure trove of keyword ideas, like rabbits from a magician’s hat. Long-tail keywords? Check. Question-type queries? Double-check. It’s like a crystal ball, revealing how many times people search these terms and how tough the competition is. Tailor-made for strategizing content that’s not just a shot in the dark but a precisely aimed arrow hitting your target audience.

Ahrefs SERP Checker

Peep through Ahrefs SERP Checker, and you see exactly who’s ruling the top spots in Google’s kingdom and why. What’s the magic here? This best SEO tool breaks down the search engine results page (SERP) to show you the big players, their backlink profiles, and domain ratings. Even better, it’s like having a spy satellite – you can zoom into different countries and see how SERPs change across borders. Handy for tailoring your SEO strategy to specific locales.

What’s My SERP

What’s My SERP is straightforward and reliable – you pop in your keyword, and it fetches where your site stands in the Google search lineup. But wait, there’s a twist. With this tool, SEO becomes easier since it keeps an eye on your competitors, tracks their keywords, and gives you daily updates. Plus, its user-friendly design means you spend less time deciphering data and more time crafting content that climbs the SEO ladder.


AnswerThePublic is a gem for uncovering the raw, unfiltered questions people are asking. Type in a keyword, and it showers you with phrases and queries circling around it. This online SEO tool is visually stunning, too, with its web of insights and data branches that spread out like a mind map. It’s fantastic for sparking content ideas that resonate directly with the real, flesh-and-blood humans you’re trying to reach.

Google Keyword Planner

Originally designed for ads, Google Keyword Planner is just as handy for organic search. Feed it a seed keyword, and watch as it rolls out a red carpet of keyword ideas, complete with search volumes and competition levels. It’s like having a backstage pass to Google’s own data – showing you how your audience speaks when they’re searching. Whether you’re looking to place bets on high-volume keywords or uncover hidden, low-competition gems, this SEO software does the job.

Google Trends is like the heartbeat monitor of the internet. Plug in a topic or keyword, and it gives you a pulse on what’s hot and what’s not. This free online SEO tool graphs how interest in topics changes over time and across regions. It’s like a window into the world’s collective mind, letting you sync up with the rhythms of societal interests. Ever wondered if your chosen topic is a shooting star or just a fleeting comet? Google Trends lets you track the trajectory, helping you align with what’s current and avoid shooting arrows into the dark.

Keyword Intent

Ever wish you could read your visitors’ minds? Keyword Intent is like getting a slice of that superpower. It dives deep into not just what people are searching for but why they’re searching for it. Is your audience looking to buy, learn, or just explore? This free tool for SEO categorizes keywords based on the intent behind the search – navigational, informational, commercial, or transactional. Keyword Intent ensures your message hits home, turning searches into results.

Free SEO Tools for Content Optimization

SERP Keyword Extractor

SERP Keyword Extractor is simple – you throw in a URL, and this SEO tool, free of charge, scours through the page, pulling out key phrases like a magician revealing doves from a hat. What makes it shine? It digs out the keywords that the page is ranking for – think of it as reverse-engineering Google’s brain. Handy for spotting what works for the competition or ensuring your page hits all the right keyword notes.

What’s my SERP

What’s My SERP doubles as a detective and a mirror. Type in your keyword, and it reveals where you stand in the grand race of search engine results – are you leading the pack or trailing behind? It’s not just about your site, though. This best free SEO tool peers into your rivals’ backyard, tracking their keyword rankings, too. And the updates? Daily. It’s like having a daily health check-up for your website’s SEO pulse.

SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

SERP Snippet Optimization Tool is the dressing room for your website’s Google search appearance. Paste in your title and meta description, and see live how it would look in the search results – like trying on clothes in front of a mirror. The twist? This SEO software online advises on the length, making sure your title and description are not just visible but irresistible in Google’s eyes. Crafting clickable snippets means higher click-through rates, after all.


Copyscape is about keeping your content original and ensuring no one else rides on your coattails. Just input your content’s URL, and this online SEO software scans the web for any doppelgängers. Copyscape flags if someone’s copying your hard work or if you’re unintentionally echoing someone else’s text. In an online world brimming with content, it helps maintain your uniqueness and integrity. Think of it as a personal editor, ensuring your content is as original as your ideas, keeping plagiarism at bay, and your SEO reputation spotless.


Hunter is like your digital magnifying glass. Pop in a domain and this best tool for SEO scours the web, sniffing out email addresses associated with that domain. A click here, a search there, and voilà! You get a list of emails, often with names and job titles attached. It’s like having X-ray vision for email hunting. Hunter also verifies these emails, so you’re not shooting messages into a digital void. Perfect for outreach campaigns, Hunter makes sure your link-building emails find their way to a real person’s inbox.

HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Here, reporters seek insights and quotes for their stories, and you can jump in, offering your expertise. It’s a give-and-take – you provide valuable info, and in return, you might land a mention or a backlink from a reputable site. It’s like fishing, where the fish are always biting. Whether improving visibility, establishing authority, or gaining quality backlinks, HARO is your ticket to the high seas of authoritative exposure.

Think of Broken Link Checker as your website’s caretaker, strolling through its digital hallways, fixing broken windows and squeaky doors. Enter your URL, and this free SEO software scans your site for broken links – those pesky 404s that annoy visitors and dismay search engines. Like a diligent janitor, it helps keep your site clean and navigable, which is crucial for both user experience and SEO.

Just enter your domain, and this SEO tool reveals the sites linking back to you. It’s more than just counting links – it evaluates the quality and influence of these backlinks. Understanding who’s linking to you and how impactful these links are is like knowing who your friends are at a crowded party. It helps you gauge the strength of your off-page SEO and guides your strategy in earning more authoritative and beneficial backlinks.

BacklinkGap does more than just track your backlinks. This SEO tool, for free, provides insights into where your competitors are getting their links. By analyzing these gaps in backlink profiles, you can identify opportunities where you might gain a foothold. It’s not just about keeping up but about finding new pathways to outmaneuver your competition in the SEO battle.

Free SEO Analytics Tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is brimming with data about your visitors. From where they come from to what they do on your site, it’s a treasure trove of insights. Delving deeper, you get to track goals, e-commerce conversions, and even what device they’re using. This SEO tool online helps you understand your audience’s behavior, preferences, and actions.

Google Search Console

Think of Google Search Console as your website’s health checker appointed by Google itself. It’s like having a dialogue with the search giant. “How many people found you today? Which keywords brought them here?” GSC has the answers. This top free SEO tool alerts you about any crawl issues, letting you know if Google bots are having trouble accessing your site. Use it to optimize your content, and you’ll be shaking hands with higher rankings.

Bing Webmaster

Bing Webmaster Tools might seem like the underdog next to Google, but it’s like finding a secret garden in the vast internet wilderness. This SEO analysis tool gives you a similar suite of tools as Google’s offerings but tailored for Bing’s search landscape. You get data on how your site performs in Bing’s search results, along with keyword reports, crawl errors, and indexing data. Every visitor counts, and Bing Webmaster Tools ensures you’re not leaving any stone unturned.

Free Structured Data and Schema Tools is the backbone for creating structured data on your website. Imagine each webpage telling a story – provides the vocabulary to ensure search engines understand every word of that story. This free SEO tool for website supports rich snippets in search results — like stars in reviews or prices in recipes. Using to annotate your content is like giving Google, Bing, and others a guided tour of your site, pointing out all the important stuff in a language they understand perfectly.

Structured Data Testing Tool

Got your structured data ready but feeling unsure? Structured Data Testing Tool — your personal assistant for debugging. It’s like running a spell-check on your website’s markup. Just paste your code or fetch a URL, and this SEO tool will comb through your structured data, highlighting any errors or missing fields. It’s an essential step, ensuring that your carefully crafted Schema markup speaks clearly and correctly to search engines.

Classy Schema Structured Data Viewer

Classy Schema takes the often confusing strings of code and presents them in a clear, graphical format. It’s like translating a foreign language into delightful pictures. You don’t just see the structured data – you get it. This free SEO viewer helps you quickly grasp the hierarchy and relationships in your Schema markup, making it a breeze to spot any gaps or errors.

Schema Markup Generator

Schema Markup Generator is a boon for those who aren’t code-savvy. You simply choose the type of Schema (like an article, event, or product), fill in the blanks with your content details, and voilà — it generates the code for you. This free SEO generator takes the guesswork and manual coding out of the equation, making Schema markup accessible to everyone, not just developers.

Free SEO Tools for Rank Tracking & Competitors Analysis

Ahrefs “Authority” Checker

Ahrefs’ Authority Checker evaluates your site’s strength based on backlinks — think of it as a popularity contest where links from other sites are votes of confidence. A high score? You’re the cool kid in town. But this free SEO ranking tool ain’t not just about flaunting this score. Understanding where you stand helps in strategizing your next SEO move, like targeting weaker spots or strengthening your domain’s clout.

This SEO ranking tool, free of charge, offers a sleek view into the top-performing websites in various niches, giving you a sneak peek at what the best are doing. You can see who’s leading the pack, what content they’re publishing, and even their backlink strategies. It’s like having an informant in every camp. Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or business owner, equips you with the insights to benchmark against the best.

PageSpeed Compare

PageSpeed Compare doesn’t just tell you how fast your site loads – it also compares your speed with your competitors’. This SEO tool helps pinpoint areas where your site might be lagging, literally. Faster loading times mean better user experience and higher rankings in search engines, so consider PageSpeed Compare as your starting block for a faster web race.

Ahrefs Traffic Checker

Curious about how much traffic your competitors are pulling? Ahrefs Traffic Checker gives you an estimate of a site’s monthly organic traffic, which is gold for understanding your market’s landscape. By analyzing the numbers, you can gauge the popularity of websites and see where you stand in the crowd.

Free SEO Tools for Technical SEO

301 Redirect Code Generator

This SEO software tool tells search engines, “Hey, we’ve moved permanently,” guiding them and your audience to the new address. The 301 Redirect Code Generator is like your moving day assistant. Just pop in your old and new URLs, and bam! It crafts the perfect HTML or .htaccess snippet to ensure your SEO juice flows uninterrupted to your new digital abode.

XML Sitemaps Generator

Just enter your website’s URL, and XML Sitemaps Generator will navigate through your site, marking each page, image, and video on a clear, concise XML file. This map is vital for SEO — it helps search engines understand your site structure, discover new content faster, and index your pages accurately.

Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt Generator tells search engine bots which pages to check out and which ones are off-limits. Think of it as setting up a VIP section on your site – not everyone gets a pass. This SEO tool is essential for guiding bots efficiently, ensuring they index what matters while steering clear of private or redundant pages. It’s pretty straightforward to use — specify the URLs to be excluded, and the generator scripts a polite but firm “No Entry” sign for bots.

Hreflang Tag Testing Tool

Hreflang Tag Testing Tool is the Rosetta Stone for your international audience, ensuring they find your content in their preferred language. Let’s say you have the same content in English and Spanish – this SEO best tool makes sure that Juan from Spain sees the “Hola!” version while John in the US gets the “Hello!” one. This tool checks the hreflang tags (a bit like digital language selection codes) on your site to confirm they’re speaking clearly to search engines, which helps avoid confusion in content delivery.

The Hreflang Tags Generator Tool

Imagine being a top-notch translator at a global summit. That’s what The Hreflang Tags Generator Tool does for your website. Insert your URL, select the language and country, and voila — it generates the exact hreflang tags for your site. These tags are like precise GPS coordinates, guiding search engines to serve the right content in the right language to the right audience. Absolutely essential for sites playing on the global stage, ensuring no visitor feels lost in translation!

Google PageSpeed Insights

Speed is the game, and Google PageSpeed Insights is the coach. This best free SEO tool isn’t just about how fast your site loads but about diagnosing why it’s not Ferrari-fast. Enter your URL, and it’ll run a thorough check-up, grading your site on performance. Optimizing images, minifying CSS, leveraging browser caching – it’s all laid out.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

We live in a smartphone world, and Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is like your site’s compatibility check with this world. Punch in your URL, and it swiftly tells you if your site plays nice with mobile devices. It’s not just about fitting onto a smaller screen. It’s about load times, button sizes, and readable fonts.


Lighthouse is a free, open-source, automated SEO tool from Google that illuminates the performance of your web pages. It’s versatile, running audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, and more. Lighthouse provides lab data (what the tool sees) and field data (what your users experience), which can sometimes be two different things.


Just as a Fitbit monitors heart rate and step count, GTmetrix delves deep into your site’s load time and overall performance. Pop in your URL, and it grades your site, also revealing why it might be lagging (literally). Also, it offers detailed reports and solutions, like a good personal trainer. This online SEO tool shows you how to trim the digital fat with recommendations like image optimization and minimizing redirects.

SEO Browser

This tool for SEO strips down your website to its bare bones, devoid of any fancy CSS or JavaScript. It’s like having X-ray vision, revealing how content and structure are presented to search engines. SEO Browser provides insights into meta tags, keyword density, and internal links. Ideal for spotting hidden problems that might be lurking in your site’s structure, affecting its SEO health.

Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a time capsule for the internet. Want to see what your favorite site looked like in 1999? Or maybe check if your competitor’s web strategy has evolved? This is your go-to. It archives web pages, allowing you to hop back in digital time to explore the evolution of websites. It’s a boon for marketers and researchers, giving them a historical perspective of web content and design changes.

Bulk Page Speed Test

Bulk Page Speed Test allows you to check the loading time of multiple URLs in one shot, saving you time and hassle. Imagine lining up your web pages like sprinters on a track, and this SEO tool fires the starting gun. It’s particularly handy when you’re managing a site with tons of pages, helping ensure every single one loads faster than a cheetah on a skateboard.

Google Crawler Simulator

It simulates how Google’s spider bots view your website. It’s crucial because sometimes, what you see isn’t what Google sees. Hidden text, missing tags, or unintended cloaking? The Google Crawler Simulator brings them to light. It’s like having a flashlight in the dense forest of web content, showing you the path that Google’s crawlers are likely to take.

BuiltWith Pro

BuiltWith Pro delves deep into the tech stack of any site — CMS, server, frameworks, analytics tools, you name it. For digital marketers and researchers, this is golden. The intelligence it offers — from market trends to technology usage stats — makes it a vital free SEO tool in your arsenal.

Free SEO Tools for Local SEO

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is where your shop or service gets to pop up in local searches right on Google Maps. Think of it as a business card, but cooler and more interactive. You get to showcase your business hours, location, and even customer reviews. It’s like telling Google, “Hey, I’m here!” Plus, uploading photos and responding to reviews adds a personal touch, making your business more relatable.


This free SEO software lets you check your Google Mobile rankings across different locations. Why’s that cool? Because sometimes, what’s ranking in Paris isn’t even on the radar in Tokyo. SERPerator is super easy – pop in your keywords, choose a location and bam! — instant insight into your mobile rankings anywhere in the world.

BrightLocal’s Local SERP Checker

You get to see where your site ranks in different areas for your chosen keywords. But it’s not just about rankings. You also see how the local competition’s playing the game. This SEO tool is a must-have for businesses targeting specific areas or cities.


Ever heard the phrase, “A picture’s worth a thousand words”? Well, GeoImgr takes that literally. It lets you geotag your images to boost local SEO. It’s particularly slick for businesses with physical locations. Think of it as pinning your business on the virtual map of the internet with a colorful thumbtack.

Review Monitoring for Business

This SEO monitoring tool alerts you when you get new reviews across different platforms, letting you respond quickly. Good reviews? Thank the customer. Bad ones? Address the issue. It’s like having a two-way radio with your customers, keeping the communication lines open and your reputation shining.

Bonus Free SEO Tool


Here’s a bonus goody in our list of SEO tools. You can ask ChatSEO about keyword trends and backlink strategies or even get tips for optimizing your content. The beauty of ChatSEO lies in its instant, personalized responses. ChatSEO’s insights are just a message away, making it a must-have SEO online software for marketers and webmasters wanting a conversational yet deeply insightful SEO sidekick.


Hey, the digital world spins fast, and staying ahead means never stopping learning. Keep exploring, keep experimenting. Remember, in the world of SEO, today’s curiosity could very well be tomorrow’s mastery. Now, go forth and optimize!

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