Top SEO Cases

Here are some client's success stories that make us proud.

Global Expansation Through a Targeted SEO Strategy

Niche: Temporary Phone Numbers
260% Increase in Organic Traffic

Our client's website struggled with technical issues and lagged behind its competitors globally. The SEO strategy we applied from December 2022 to November 2023 made their traffic soar in target countries. Take a look at how we achieved this impressive turnaround.

A Tailored SEO Strategy for an Adult Business

Niche: Adult Entertainment
476% Increase of Organic Keywords

Aiming to strengthen their local influence, our client faced numerous challenges with their website, including structural issues. Within 6 months, we achieved notable increases in visibility and CTR growth through SEO optimization and backlink-building efforts. Discover the strategies we used.

Building a Solid Backlink Profile from Scratch

Niche: Coworking Spaces
400% Increase in Organic Traffic

Crowdo took on a Fully Managed SEO for the client, tackling everything from resolving technical and on-page issues to optimizing content and off-page SEO. Within a three months, the site started ranking for new queries and experienced a surge in organic traffic. See the insights.

Doubling Organic Traffic in Just 3 Months

Niche: Parcel Tracking
X2 Organic Traffic Growth

After an in-depth SEO audit per the client's request, we outlined key areas for improvement, focusing on site structure, content, and link building. This strategic approach yielded significant improvement in website metrics and traffic within a mere three months. Check out the results we delivered!

Achieving Top Rankings in a Specific Niche

Niche: Guitar Accessories Distributor
97% Increase in Traffic

The client aimed to draw in new organic visitors and boost sales. Crowdo applied a tailored, all-encompassing strategy and helped the client overcome the technical SEO hurdles, which resulted in a significant organic traffic boost in just three months. Learn about the magic behind it.

A Sharp Rise in Traffic after Months of Downfall

Niche: Logistics
X2 Organic Traffic Growth

Our client faced a traffic drop due to site changes, and wanted to revive their organic traffic. We audited, fixed errors, and executed a 3-month link-building strategy within a Complete SEO Package. Delve into the full story to learn how we met the objective and enhanced the site's Google rankings.

Solving Technical SEO Issues of an Aged Website

Niche: Prescription Discount Card Program
525% Traffic Growth

Facing stagnant organic traffic and technical issues, the client wanted to revamp their online presence. Crowdo conducted an in-depth SEO audit and effectively tackled the identified issues. This led to a considerable improvement in search rankings between January and June 2023. Learn the details.

360° SEO Optimization to Boost Keyword Ranking

Niche: Financial Blog
342% Keyword Expansion

Crowdo undertook a Fully Managed SEO from June to November, focusing on expanding our client's online presence. We performed a technical website audit and created a tailored SEO strategy, enhancing the client's content and backlink profile. It led to a powerful boost in organic traffic and keywords.

Unlocking Organic Success with a Fully-managed SEO Campaign

Niche: Superfoods Manufacturer
67% Traffic Growth

Crowdo took on a Fully Managed SEO to improve the client's visibility and organic traffic. We outlined and resolved key technical issues and built a diversified backlink profile. Within 7 months, the client's website showed notable growth in organic traffic and keywords. Find out how we did it.

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